The GV Daily Round Up: 24th August 2020

The GV Daily Round Up: 24th August 2020

The Hashtag Isn’t Dead. You’re Just Misusing It: Sprout Social try to breathe life back into the humble hashtag and win it back from the hjiackers, but can they still truly work in their orignal format or do we need to start over (Read more)

Instagram Rolls Out Suggested Posts To Keep You Glued To Your Feed : Good news (?!) Now you can never run out of Instagram posts to scroll through when you should be doing something far more important as once you’ve finished your feed, Instagram is going to keep on suggesting other posts you might like. Great for brands and influencers, not necessarily so good for your productivity! (Read more)

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Facebook Live: Struggling to get the results you want from your Facebook Lives (yes there are people that still do those). The Facebook Media is on hand to help you out with their very own livestream on what you can do to make the most of your next one. (Read more.)

Improve Your Video and Story Ads With These Tips: It’s a double whammy from Facebook today, though this time from Facebook IQ. Offering insights such as sound on Story ads seeing a boost of 80%, it’s definitely worth checking out before your next post! (Read more).

How To Get An Instagram Swipe Up When You Don’t Have 10k Followers : Desperate for that 10k following so you can get people to swipe up on your stories? Influencer Marketing Hub have come up with a smart workout around till you get there! (Read more).